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SCAM No 1: Profit Clicking/AdClickExpress

Profit Clicking Scam

This would have to be the Ultimate SCAM of 2013. I had 3 accounts with them totaling over $25,000 in build up investments and ad-packages. The recent so called 'Profit Shift' (more like 'let us rob you of your hard earned earnings', took just about ALL my money out of my wallet, ad-packs and current earnings!

The same has happened with over 2 million other members, estimated 'Profit Grab' =  well over $10 million from the total membership base!!

It's a shame that people are still gullible enough to believe all their lies and false promises.

Fact 1: AdClickExpress is the same bullshit setup as PC, same salad - different dressing. You can use a MASSIVE 10% of your basic account balance towards future purchases, what a load of crap!, Basically means: You have an account balance of $5,000, so you need to spend $50,000 out of YOUR pocket in order to be able to use the fill amount in your balance- This is a giant ripp-off on a never before seen scale - DO NOTJOIN - PERIOD!

Fact 2: Fred (former JBP and JSS) has NEVER come to the aid of PC - PERIOD!

Fact 3: Indefinite sustainable, another lie - as it is very well now for all to see, 3 different names = 3 FAILURES!

Fact 4: All account balances have GONE with NO compensation whatsoever, robbing people not only of their funds, but also wasting years of effort by many members to build up an investment portfolio over the years.

It's beyond me to understand as to why these criminals have yet to be investigated by the Security commission. It will be only a matter of time to see these Internet Gangsters brought to justice!




MTE Ad-Co-op Scam

Scam No 2: MTE AD Co-op

I was an upgraded member with MTE for over 2 years, build up a very large down-line and had several active Ad-Campaigns with them!

Then when I requested a payout of my account balance  ($186), never got a payout, NO reply at all to ANY of my Emails as well as finding out only recently, that my account was deleted by this very nice group of internet swindlers!

The same has happened to a lot of those that I referred to MTE over the years, I am also aware that many of their other programs are NOT paying as well!

Stay away as far as you can from these people who obviously are interested in only 1 thing: Stuffing their own wallets.